The April Review

April has been a strange old month, I feel like much of what's happened has been a reflection of the changeable weather. 

We started the month in Devon for the end of the Easter holidays, then Greg was away for 10 days on business and I feel like I completely lost my routine - I dropped my daily practice and as a result things stopped flowing nicely. The energy of this month also had a slower pace to it, which I know was very much needed as March and June are going to be a bit crazy. But still, I've reached the end of the month feeling like I should have done more. Silly, I know. 

April was also a bit of a surprising month as I was offered an allotment! I made the decision at the beginning of the year to apply for a plot at our local allotment site, and I was expecting to be on a waiting list for a long time but was offered a plot a couple of weeks ago. 

I'm really excited for this new challenge and opportunity to jump even further into the natural, sustainable lifestyle which is bringing so many benefits to our family. 

Lessons learned in April

  1. My daily practice is non-negotiable. I need my routine of meditation, visualisation and journaling for my mental health. 

  2. It's ok to breathe, go slow and take my time. I'm honouring what my body and soul needs right now, and I'm choosing to drop the guilt around that.

  3. Sometimes you just have to jump in. I've been wanting an allotment for years but I always put off applying as I thought I didn't know enough about growing things. Newsflash - I don't but I can learn!

  4. Alignment is everything (I already knew this but needed a reminder this month!).

Things I'm grateful for  

  1. My body. Moving it, stretching it. Remembering how awesome it really is. 

  2. Our new allotment - the opportunity to be that little bit more self-sufficient and live a natural lifestyle. A project we can work on as a family. 

  3. Sunshine! It may not have lasted long but we had a couple of beautiful days and my Mum was visiting so it was lovely.

  4. A beautiful gift in the mail from one of my US biz partners and friends - Casey from Karmic Wellness. Thank you <3  

  5. Greg. His support, as always.

  6. My doTERRA sisterhood. My beautiful team and business partners are like family. 

  7. Lovely messages. I received so many beautiful messages from you guys this month. I love hearing from this community, thank you so much for reaching out!

Things I've been loving in April

  1. Chatting with the lovely Lucy from Leaf Lane Studio earlier this month. She always brightens my day and I'm so proud of what she is creating with her business. If you're getting married, go check out her site!

  2. An in-person meeting with Rosalyn and also learning from her experiences through her weekly Instagram lives. Seriously inspired to break up with my phone!

  3. This beautiful post from Peta. I was so loving reading about all of the lovely people on her list, and was super surprised (and delighted) to realise I was on it! Thank YOU Peta, you are such a beautiful soul! <3 

Looking forward to May

I'm not going to lie, I have been waiting for May to arrive! The main reason is that it's doTERRA's European convention so I'll be heading down to London and FINALLY getting to meet my soulsisters in person. It's going to be a weekend full of deep chats, hugs, and laughter. Not to mention all of the education, support and new products! (Rose, Jasmine, Copaiba!!!). 

I'm also excited to make progress on our allotment in May. I've decided to share our journey through weekly blog posts so look out for them each Sunday. 

Finally, May will be the month that I launch my new podcast, The Daily Pep Talk which I am so excited about! 

I'd love to know how your April has been, and what you're excited about in May so let me know in the comments! xo