Slow Lived : A November Stroll


One of my favourite seasonal rituals is taking a stroll through our local wetlands. We are super lucky to live within a 5 minute walk of a nature reserve and I often enjoy a walk there, but every season I set aside an hour or two to take an intentional stroll.

Unlike my usual walks, my seasonal strolls are slow. The purpose isn’t to reach my movement goal or get my daily steps in. No, these strolls are my way of embracing each season. As I walk through the wetlands, I take the time to focus on the details - leaves and berries swaying gently in the breeze, water birds foraging for insects, and the seasonal changes.

It’s also an opportunity for creativity. I always take my camera along with me and spend time capturing the details. It’s become one of my favourite practices and I always leave feel deeply in tune with the current season.

This time around, I decided to create a mini film to document autumn. I’m not a videographer by any means, but I had fun and like that I have a more dynamic document of this season.


I’d love to know your seasonal rituals - what do you do to embrace each season? And if you haven’t already, why not try taking a slow stroll through a park or natural space?