A Slow Travel Wishlist for 2019

One of the intentions I set for 2018 was to travel a bit more. I love traveling, exploring new places and soaking up culture but all the responsibilities of running a business, dogs and kids have meant we haven’t always been able to do it as often as we would like.

2018 marked a change though as my business allowed me to take a couple of trips - there was the doTERRA European convention in London and then the leadership retreat in Sicily. Whilst both of these were technically work trips, there was plenty of time for sightseeing too.

My final travel plan for 2018 is a trip to Amsterdam next week with my Mum and I’m super excited!.

There are some trips planned for next year + some places I’m dreaming of visiting, so I thought it would be fun on this grey and miserable day, to share them here with you.


dusseldorf, germany

Perhaps not the most obvious of german destinations, but it’s the host city to the 2019 doTERRA European convention in May. I’ve never been to Germany before and whilst it will probably be a short visit, I’m still looking forward to it.


trondheim, norway

I’d love to take a trip to Norway in 2019 and whilst I’d happily hop on a flight to Bergen, it’s Trondheim I dream of. Coffee shops, a thriving local food scene, the worlds northernmost tram ride and incredible scenery put Trondheim pretty high on my list.



Italy has always been on my heart. I loved Sicily when I visited in October, but I dream of seeing more of Italy and visiting the mainland. Florence, Venice, the Italian Lakes and Tuscany are all on my list. I’m a history fan (with a university degree in Archaeology) so you’ll most likely find me visiting museums and galleries and marvelling at the architecture - when I’m not eating pizza and pasta and drinking red wine, of course.


chicago, usa

We are hoping to have a family trip to Chicago in the summer as Greg has family that we would love to visit. I’d love to maybe extend the trip a bit further afield and take in some of the north-west of the US as it’s an area i’ve never visited. I’d also love to take in a Baseball game whilst we are there.



I think I’d be happy anywhere there are mountains, but there is something about taking a road trip around the Scottish highlands that really speaks to me. I’d also love to take a ferry to some of the northern isles and maybe sneak a glance of dolphins or orcas in the wild.

I’d love to know if you’ve visited any of these or where you’re planning to visit in 2019?